Friday, April 29, 2011

Math in food!

Thanks to Kevin for emailing this to the math department at school.

It's really awesome, it talks about how Pringels are actually hyperbolas!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Sharing my stuff

I'm tweeting these links so I figured I should probably post them on here too.  I've uploaded a lot of my stuff to these sites that I think are good and not just bad notes or worksheets from the textbook.  I would love feedback or additional ideas if anyone has any!  I'm starting to get a little bored teaching Geometry.

Geometry Stuff:

Keys to Math and Test Taking Stuff:

More to come will be for Alg 1, Alg 2 and 8th grade math.

I hope everyone has an awesome Friday!!!

Best idea ever!!!!!

Yes I know I have been kind of in mia.  No I have been mia. Things have been crazy, budget cuts And worries about having jobs next year. But luckily I'm safe. Last year was my first year to get a two year contract. Talk about perfect timing, huh?!

Well I wanted to share with you guys what has saved my butt this year.  It may seem simple and logical but sometimes I'm not the most logical, even though I teach math.

So basically my students are able to turn in late work at any time without any penalty.  It has proved to keep me busy with making copies and getting it out of the file cabinet.  So out of frustration one day I finally said "here!  Here is all of the assignments that you have had.  They will always be at the front of the room if you need them.  If you take the last copy let me know."

I love it AND it helps promote self advocacy for the students.  They have know what they need and they have to find it themselves.

Just wanted to share my tidbit of knowledge for today :)

I hope everyone has a great Friday!  More blogs to come soon!