Thursday, August 19, 2010

I've got what kind of class?!?!

As the school year comes screaming straight toward me I'm starting to panic about the up coming school year. My current schedule stands with 2 sections of Geometry (1 each day), 2 sections of Keys to Math (TAKS math remediation class), and a double block Geometry with my inclusion teacher.

Now my double block geometry is an interesting story. Currently I have general ed and special ed inclusion students in there. At the same time and in the same class my inclusion teacher is scheduled to be the teacher of record for an Applied Double Block (DB) Geometry class. Now that class is a class for low level special education students that are supposed to be in resource classes from their IEP.

I have no clue how to instruct students that are super low, MR, lower level students, as well as general ed students all at the same time. I am very concerned that one group of students, probably either the extremely low or general ed students will not be receiving the necessary instruction or services. Does anyone know of someone that was able to work a skewed level of students such as this and still have them be successful?  I've heard that some of them are extremely needy and I don't know how many kids that are used to one on one instruction at once that I can help.  I do know that the Standards Based Grading would be perfect to use with all of them!

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