Sunday, September 26, 2010

Grading with Standards

So how do you grade assignments if the students do not finish assignments or tests?

I have students that are doing great on assignments but just were not able to finish.  Do I just grade them by what they finish or do I let them finish later?  I'm not dealing with any students that need to finish things in any time constraints.  Welcome for any ideas.


  1. Would you allow a student to re-assess? If so, that tells me you believe learning is more important than time. In other words, you want time to be the variable rather than learning.

    My take: give the student extra time. Lots of it. Let the grade reflect learning rather than a deadline.

  2. Oh yea, we have to now in Texas. It's a state law, for once I can't find my bookmark or find it on Google. It's been a big issue for some teachers but I haven't had any major issues with it. When I was in high school I struggled through my first Pre-AP math class and was thankful when my forward thinking mom asked my teacher for a chance to reassess.