Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Giving our feedback to the district

So the district has heard how some of the parents feel about our attempt to implement SBG and when I went to the last board meeting the teachers were not allowed to voice their opinion and have their voices heard.  I was told directly by our Community Relations person that the parents and the students are the main "stake-holders" in the school system and that's who the board and the superintendent will listen to.
So what did we do the next few days in my class?  The students wrote letters to the Board and Superintendent!  :)
Here are snippets from some of the best letters!

This student is very respectful and up front with her feelings towards the grade changes.

 I love the analogy, or is it a simile that this kid draws!
 This student states very clearly that they liked seeing how they were doing in each category or skill.
 I love how this one points out that some of the parents that were complaining didn't even have students that attended our school!
 I love this opening statement!  This kid is going to be awesome at writing persuasive papers.
 This child just wants to totally reform our entire grading system
 This child knows that not all the parents are completely educated on the process!
 I think this students was having a Jerry McGuire moment, "help me help you..."
 This is one of my Special Education students and this kid did a wonderful job of explaining why they could understand the previous system much better.

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