Sunday, February 16, 2014

Long Time No Type!

It's been quiet some time since I was on here and wanted to share many of my teaching ideas and techniques.

What brings me back today is my grad school reading.

Yes, I'm crazy and possibly being turned to the dark side.  I'm currently in a program to get my M.Ed. in Educational Leadership where I will also end with my principal certification.  While this is a route I never foresaw myself going down there are many reasons for me following this educational path that I will delve into in a later post.

As for today, it's the idea of blogging that brought me back!

This is my second semester and the classes are SuperVision and Instructional Leadership (Weds night class) and Professional Development (Mon nigh class).  In the PD class we've been focusing on creating meaningful and lasting professional development that is cohesive with the campuses vision and culture while engaging everyone in it.

What sparked my interest today the most in my readings was what V.E. Killian wrote about in 1991.  Killian wrote about a "colleague journal network" where teachers and their partners "wrote and shared journals".  This sounds to me like what has currently morphed into the edusphere and become viral for many teachers.  It made me want to come back to my blog, I have continued following other's blogs and pintrest boards, and share my experiences.

Just my thought to share today.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!!!

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