Monday, January 22, 2018

Working on an Alg I STAAR EOC review booklet and I'm running out of ideas.

Since starting at my current school I've created an Algebra I STAAR EOC review booklet for our intervention teachers to use during the intervention periods we have.  I've worked tirelessly on this booklet, adjusting it after the tests are released and adjusting things from what I see the students are able to do.

I'm now starting to run out of ideas of how to change it up for the kids that have been in the intervention multiple times.  

I try to mix in activities with sample released questions or similar questions

As well as some more fun activities that involve coloring or working with a partner.

And this time I've added some pages that have the students practice "chunking" the test.  

But now I'm in search of some more interesting skills activities to have the students work on this spring.  If you have anything on any of the following topics I would be forever grateful!
  • Polynomial Operations
  • Solving for y
  • Exponent rules
  • Factoring
  • Connecting parts of linear equations
  • Linear inequalities
  • Writing Linear Equations
  • Domain and Range of Functions
  • Writing equations from word problems
  • Graphing and solving quadratics
  • Exponential Functions
Thanks and I hope everyone has a great week!

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