Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Campus Wide Intervention

So this year at my new school we're doing campus wide intervention for the entire spring semester in an effort to try and assist all students with the upcoming EOC exams, AP exams and their coursework.  It's been great to see the kids getting a lot of help and assistance out of the 30 mins each day but the planning portion of it on my end has been a little tiring.

We have 5 math sections that are happening; Current Algebra I remediation, Algebra I EOC Retesters, Current Algebra 2 remediation, AP Calculus Test Prep and AP Stats Test Prep.  The AP math teachers are doing a great job of getting their assignments and lessons together for the intervention time but I've been making the lessons, answer keys, copies, etc for the Algebra I EOC Retesters and the Current Algebra 2 remediation.  I really think my brain is about to short circuit from the additional planning it's been putting on my plate each week along with all the other new responsibilities that I've been trying to wrap my head around this year.  But hey, if it doesn't kill you it makes you stronger, right?!

I do have to say I've found some great resources that I've used for both rotations on Teachers Pay Teachers as well as on She Loves Math for the Algebra 2 curriculum that I'm supplementing.

If anyone out there has any additional resources for the new Alg I EOC in Texas I would happily trade some of the assignments and activities I've created!  

Happy Test Prep Season! 

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