Monday, March 21, 2016

My thoughts last night... (FYI, this has nothing to do with school)

First day back after Spring Break, I'm already dying this morning.

Next time I don't think I'm going to run a half marathon the last weekend of Spring Break after walking all around Austin for SXSW.  It was a great break, had a ton of fun seeing friends, kids, dogs, great live music and celebrities.

Got to see Jake Gyllenhaal...  

Got to see a panel with the stars of Bajillion Dollar Properties (it's going be hilarious!)

Got to celebrate a friend's birthday party and practice our Resting B faces while enjoying some wine and pizza and Mexican Train Dominoes.

Got to have FREE Franklin's BBQ and Torchy's Tacos.  Thank you Verizon Wireless and #ATXUnite! 

Got to see what one of my cats looks like when done in latte art!

Petted some super sweet dogs while, unbeknownst to me, I stood next to Elijah Wood (I was just to their left; so glad my husband finally turned me by my shoulders to show me who I had just been petting dogs next to!)

Took a much needed nap while hiking through downtown Austin. (I love my city!)

Got to see some awesome live bands.  YACHT (left) and Mitski (right) just to name a few new ones.

Enjoyed some great performance art at The Historic Scoot Inn before Dan Deacon's set.

And then like a crazy person drove to Waco to run the Toughest Half in Texas with some great friends!

But of course, that couldn't be the end of it!  Had to go to the "closing" show that Peelander Z always does the last day with some great friends and then "hike" up Mt Bonnell.

I think I need a vacation from my vacation!

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