Thursday, March 10, 2016

Those Crazy Surface Area and Volume Formulas

Everyone just LOVES teaching surface area and volume, right?  Well, I always loved teaching the topics but when it came down to kids solving the problems and figuring out where they went wrong that's when I started going cross-eyed.  

So about 6 years ago (whoa I can't believe it's been that long!) the powers that be at my school gave the present of a triple stacked Double Blocked Geometry class.  If you're reading this and thinking "what the heck is that", well it's when you put general education students in with inclusion students and add a layer of in with resource students on top of it.  (We won't go into the legalities of this class because that will take me back to a very, very dark time.)  Because my students were all on so many different levels and spectrums I had to modify and differentiate constantly.  This little template ended up becoming my best friend when we got to the measurement unit.  Not just because it forced my students to organize their work but also because it helped me figure out exactly where they went wrong and it provided a constant procedure for them to follow.  It also made the grading process light years easier!

Before I had always told my students they had to write out the formula, then plug in the numbers, and finally give me the answer.  They would try to do that but would regularly mess up with something until I started providing them with the spaces and the lines to actually write the information in.  

It's easily been my most viewed and used resource I've ever created, not just from my personal classroom or my TpT site but also from teachers that I've shared it with randomly.  It's free and editable so feel free to share it with others and let me know if you've tweaked it for anything in your classrooms.  I'm sure the teachers I currently work with would love the additional resource as well as anyone else that happens to stumble across my little blog.  

Have fun with it!

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