Friday, March 4, 2016

Where you can find me

So I've taken to pinning a TON of stuff on Pintrest recently and I've been able to incorporate a lot of it into the PD that I've been presenting to my math team.

Here are some of my math boards that might be interesting.

               Follow Sarah's board Geometry Stuff on Pinterest.    

               Follow Sarah's board Algebra Stuff on Pinterest.    

               Follow Sarah's board Math Stuff on Pinterest.      

               Follow Sarah's board Apps for the Classroom on Pinterest.  

               Follow Sarah's board technology in the classroom on Pinterest.  

               Follow Sarah's board Instructional Coaching Stuff on Pinterest.  

Follow Sarah's board Foldables and Interactive Notebooks on Pinterest.

Just a fair warning, if you totally follow me you'll also see a lot of zendoodle patterns, random gifs and memes, and a bunch of running stuff (I've recently become addicted to half marathons).

Please leave your pintrest or twitter handle so I can follow back.  I'm always searching for new and great ideas!

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