Friday, August 5, 2016

#MTBoSBlaugust: 20 Facts about me

  1. Tell us about you!  Post 20 facts about yourself.
  2. What is your fitness routine and how to stick to it during a busy school year?
  3. A  mentor/colleague who impacted your classroom/teaching…
  4. The best teacher I ever had was …. because ...
  5. How do you tame the paper tiger?
  6. What are your best organizational tips?
  7. What’s the toughest challenge you face as a teacher today?

20 Facts about me...
  1. I'm an Austin girl!  I love the city, all the fun things to do around town, the nature, the closeness of the hill country and that it doesn't get too cold here. 
  2. I love to run.  I've done 4 half marathons (I'm only half crazy) and I'm planning on doing another 2 in January and February of next year. 
    Friends talk friends into doing the "Toughest Half Marathon in Texas" multiple times!
  3. I also love to do yoga.  I haven't been able to do it as much as I would like lately due to an injury from attempting to move a ton of stuff ourselves but it's something I find myself doing even a little of each night to center myself before bed.
  4. My husband and I just bought a house this summer and I'm loving being a homeowner! I still feel at times like someone is going to come in and tell me that I need to stop messing with their house and to get out. Hopefully someday soon it will all really sink in!
  5. I got married April 4, 2015 and I'm still not used to my new last name.  How long did it take you to get used to yours?
    From our ceremony in my parents backyard.  Small weddings are the best!
  6. We were engaged for a year and half and during that time I was teaching 2 preps, the credit recovery class (which was not completely computer based), and working on my masters. 
    From a day when I was trying to figure out how to fit in everything I needed to do; teach, run, read, go to class.  Such an exhausting and hectic time!!
  7. I have my masters in Educational Leadership and Administration (yes, I just had to double check that on my LinkedIn profile).
  8. I don't think I'm ever going to be an administrator even though I have my degree.  It's been over a year since I finished my degree and I still haven't taken my Principal certification test but I'm happy in my current role and it's really what I wanted in the first place!
  9. I was in the classroom for 10 years working with everything from 8th graders to seniors, a majority of the time teaching Geometry.  Last school year was my first year as a math Instructional Coach and I loved it!  
  10. As an Instructional Coach I love my job and being able to work with the teachers on implementing new practices, lessons and strategies but I do also miss having my own classroom and group of kiddos I get to know throughout the school year.
  11. This year my goal is to get into the classroom and co-teach with my teachers more often.  I was hoping to do that more this last spring but with my mom's health issues I found myself working from home or the hospital more than I had anticipated. 
  12. I love, and I mean LOVE, animals.  Cats, ferrets, foxes, bunnies, sloths...  You name it, I love them!  Someday I would love to open an animal rescue sanctuary with a close friend where we nurse animals back to health and build their independence and trust back up.
    The rescue cat, Gracie, and the rescue ferret, Dottie
  13. On our honeymoon I went snorkeling for the first time and I wish there were more places close to me to be able to see such a beautiful and peaceful space.  
    snorkeling in Antigua
  14. My husband and I both LOVE live music and while at SXSW, ACL and various music events around town we've met some pretty awesome folks over the years.
    From Left to Right: with Arcade Fire at a show at COTA, with Delta Rae at SXSW, with Max from Catfish at SXSW
  15. I love to color!  I love coloring and tangling/zendoodle.  If you've never heard of it it's a wonderful therapeutic thing to do while at PD that you're not finding very useful or while sitting around waiting for a Doctor.  You can find tons of links with tips and tricks for adult coloring and zendoodle/tangling on Pintrest.
  16. I'm a horrible procrastinator!  I'm currently doing this post instead of figuring out what PD I'm going to be presenting once school starts.  So far my calendar just has the topic of the first PD and all the meetings I'm going to go to. 
    I think I might need to actually start to do some work soon!
  17. While I'm currently back on contract and supposed to be working the building hasn't officially been released for the teachers to work in it so this is currently the area around my desk.  I'm finding myself working in other people's offices more than my own right now...
    My desk is to the right of the interactive whiteboard.  The campus got new AC this summer and interactive whiteboards were installed in all the core classrooms but everything isn't quiet done yet.  Oops!
  18. My husband and I are addicted to reality TV shows!  Bachelor, Bachelorette, Big Brother, Survivor, MTV's The Challenge, American Ninja Warrior, RuPaul's Drag Race.  You name it, we watch it!  Well, I really got into RuPaul's Drag Race after hearing about it on a podcast we listen to regularly.  If you're a member of Bachelor Nation I highly suggest the podcast Rose Buddies!  There's even a facebook group for the people that listen to it too!!!  FYI, it's NSFW but it's hilarious and great!  
  19. I love to garden and play in the yard, even though I already killed our first lawn mower.  At least it was only $25 off of a Facebook swap and sale group.  
    Took forever to get it started and then the spokes on the wheel just broke right off.
  20. I haven't been really good at posting blogs in the past few years but my goal this year is to blog at least once month, but ideally once a week. 

Looking forward to reading interesting things about everyone else participating in #MTBOSBlaugust!!!


  1. My current reality show is "Married At First Sight".... I'm fascinated by it! :)

    1. Oh we love that one too!!! It's so interesting to me. We watched it for the first time last season. You're going to like it!