Monday, August 22, 2016

#MTBOSBlaugust Day 22 Part 2: Need ideas for notebooks for PreCalculus classes

Woohoo!!!  2 posts in 1 day!!!  I'm on a roll!

I'm in need of some tips or tricks for one of my teachers.

This year we were able to buy composition books for all of our students.  Literally, all of our students.  This is the wall to my office after 24 boxes were taken.  We still need to get a lot more out to teachers this week.

We bought the notebooks with the idea that they will follow the students from year to year so they can build on them with their additional knowledge from each course.  The kicker is that we don't have inspiration for all of the upper level courses and how to use the notebooks there.

One of my PreCalc teachers wants to use the notebook as a study tool the kids can go back and use at the end of a unit but she doesn't want to make it something she's going to have to stop at the end of the unit for kids to create or always double check that the students have created the correct notes or guide to use.

My idea was to have the kids create a mind map; something like this:
From ZIMBARDO Patrick (
But she's worried the kids won't have enough space to make it as the unit is being taught and they won't have enough space to make it detailed enough.

I'm curious what other people have used before and if you have any quick pics that you could share that would be awesome!  

Thanks so much #MTBoS!!!!

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