Tuesday, August 16, 2016

#MTBoSBlaugust day 16: My not ready school and office

So this summer our campus was getting work done on the roof, the HVAC was getting replaced and new technology (interactive whiteboards) were getting installed.
Here's some of the technology that
is still waiting to be installed right now.
At least some of the interactive whiteboards
were installed this summer.

So I haven't been able to blog lately because I've been troubleshooting some beginning of the school hiccups with some of my teachers.  What hiccups you say?  The kind of hiccups where you have no way to project something while water is running down your walls.  :D 

Well, there were problems with the work on the roof, and after the rain this weekend some of the rooms and offices now have water damage.

On the right is how some of the rooms are currently going under demolition and construction to repair the water damages.  On the left is all the administrators stuff that has been moved to the teachers lounge while their offices are repaired.

The technology isn't installed. Hopefully it will get done before school starts in a week.
And my office has been abandoned and I don't know if I will be finished before the kids come back. Actually I'm pretty sure that it won't be finished...

So that's how were starting the school year. I hope everyone else has a better start to the school year!!


  1. Oh man!! Hopefully it will all be in place before school starts!

    1. We actually just found out yesterday that all the projectors and technology won't be completely installed until about 2 weeks after school starts. It's time to start making backup plans!

  2. Yikes, Sarah! That sounds like such a mess! I'm curious about your new position ... hope you'll share more about it.

    1. I think I'll make that my next post. Thanks for the inspiration! I've been running low on inspiration for posts lately. I was starting to think I had blogged myself out. Lol

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