Tuesday, August 2, 2016

#MTBoSBlaugust Day 2: School year hasn't even started and I've already got success!!!

I just got done meeting with the Geometry PLC lead at my campus and in just 2 hours we laid out the topics for the 1st semester in Geometry while also talking about where to integrate NMSI/LTF lessons.

For only the 2nd day back to work I'm feeling pretty successful and on track already!  Woohoo!!!  Now if I can just keep up with the daily blogs for the month I'll be on fire.  It might be challenging since we're still moving out of our apartment and into our house.  We're so excited for the first house and all the accidental math applications I found while sprucing things up.  Note to self: Even former Geometry teachers don't always do the math right when finding the area of a trapezoid on the back of an old receipt while standing at home depot.  *Sigh*  But at least it's not constantly visible!

Happy 2nd day of August everyone!!!

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